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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday Mikayla

Wowzers, Mikayla is 12!


Turning an even number in our family means that it is a party year with friends. Mikayla decided that she wanted to have a Winter Wonderland Minute-to-Win-It party theme so I got busy brainstorming ideas way back in early December.


My first step was to pick a date since I knew our January was booked solid with gymnastics meets/practices for us and the majority of her guests who are also gymnasts. We settled on January 3rd, the one weekend we had relatively free.


To adorn the ceiling we decide to cut out paper snowflakes…47 of them. I went to my go to source for ideas, Pinterest, and was pleasantly surprised at the array of ideas. Then I tried to make the beautiful snowflakes presented there and FAILED miserably! I had to enlist the help of Marie and Madison to show me the correct way. How could making a snowflake possibly be so hard? I remember in my youth, it was so easy to do!

IMG_7370After many attempts on my part I was able to show off my beautiful paper snowflake…1 down 46 more to go! I decided to hang the snowflakes Friday evening because I knew Saturday was filled with normal practices for Mikayla and McKenzie and I would be out of the house with McKenzie from 10-1230.



After some ice breakers and introductions we were ready to play the Minute-to-Win-It games. We invited 14 guests to celebrate Mikayla’s day and had a total of 18 girls {including herself and her sisters}. While 18 seems like a huge number, it actually worked perfectly because we played the games in six color-coded teams of three with the prize money totaling $3 million dollars to the winning team. The games we played were:

Hanky Panky Pull Collage

 Hanky Panky Pull ~ use one hand to pull out all of the tissue from the box.

stack attack Collage

 Stack Attack ~ stack 36 cups into a triangle and then bring it down as fast as you can.

merry fishmas Collage

 Merry Fishmas ~ using only your mouth, hook your “candy cane” fish onto the end of your fishing pole as fast as you can.

separation anxiety Collage

 Separation Anxiety ~ separate your pile of multicolored candies into cups, one color at a time.

dice stacker Collage

Dice Stacker ~ balance six die on a popsicle stick in your mouth. Seems easy but rather challenging.

dragon power Collage

 Dragon Power ~ place the end of a tissue paper streamer in each hand and at the start unravel it onto your hands as fast as you can.

cup stacker Collage

 Cup Stacker ~ start at the bottom, alternating hands cycle  the polka dot patterned cup back to the bottom of your cup stack.

Shake-it Collage

 Shake-It ~ Shake 8-10 ping pong balls out of your tissue box as fast as you can without using your hands.

marshmallow pickup Collage

Marshmallow pick up ~ I couldn’t find chopsticks, so we improvised with breadsticks. The goal was to pick up as many marshmallows with your chopsticks and place them in your pail. White marshmallows were worth 1 point, while the colored ones were 5 points each.


$3 Million dollar winning team

Mikayla was truly blessed being able to celebrate her birthday with all of her friends and being able to see old friends and catching up just where they left off!


All in all, the party was a great success!





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