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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little helping hand

Back in 2011 we were given the opportunity to review for Emealz (they have since changed their name to Emeals). It was fantastic to have all the legwork done for me as far as meal planning. After awhile I had built up a good rotation for meals and felt comfortable letting them go.

Well, life has me spinning and I feel as if we are eating the same old food and often times I am scrambling to figure out what we are going to have for dinner on the drive to practice, at 330PM. Not the best planning on my part, especially when the Lt. calls and asks for dinner on his way home. Not to mention the mad dash I make to the grocery store and then rush home to cook before having to head back to the gym.

I recognize the need for a little helping hand right now, so I am heading back to Emeals to help me. I was quite pleased to find that they now offer breakfast and lunch menus too. I got a great coupon in my inbox this morning offering 33% off a combo of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus and I jumped on it. Right now for a 3 month service of the 3 menu combo costs just under $30.00. Money well spent in my book.

I also plan on implementing having dinner for lunch. I stopped doing this in the past because I felt that the girls were not getting a good after practice meal and were losing weight. Now that I have the lunch menu to choose from, I feel that they will get that balance of food they need to fuel their bodies after practice. It’s worth a shot in my book to add a bit of simplicity to our lives.

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