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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Party of 5, wk 1

Remember when I decided to partake in the 365 picture taking last year and this year. Well, I failed both times. I enjoy taking pictures of my favorite subjects, my girls. Well, while surfing the blogs this past week I found an interesting idea of taking a weekly shot of your children in a group. I can’t take the credit for this brilliant idea, that belongs to Karli over at The Bonnie 5.

Here’s the gist.  Take a group shoot of your Party of X, which in my case is my Party of 5.  At the end of your 52 weeks you will have a nice photo journal of your children changing right before your eyes.  And what a great gift for family members too.  A weekly shot for 52 weeks.  I can handle that, can’t I?
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