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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up, Week 2 ~Hurricane Irene & no power

This post will have no pictures, as I do not have my camera cord with me.  First let me just say it is good to be back to "normal" around here, well as normal gets that is.  Hurricane Irene barreled her way off the coast of VA last weekend and took out our power on Saturday around 5P.M.  We did not get power back until Thursday, September 1st!!!  While it wasn't so bad, there were days when not having electricity was almost unbearable.  But we survived and had some very nice undistracted/uninterupted family time.

.We did manage to get some school work done.  Week 2 has been going good with our core curriculum, although I feel like we are just skimming the surface.  I have already decided that changes need to be made in our TOG studies for Marie and Madison.  Currently, I have Marie doing all Rhetoric level work, but honestly it is not working on the literature level.  I read the reviews about how year 1 is like taking a college class for literature,  but being the stubborn girl I am decided to give it a whirl.  Well, it is NOT working, she is just not quite ready for that level of thinking, no fault of her own.  Madison, is having a hard time focusing and staying on task.  I am moving her to strictly Upper Grammar work in History and Literature.  

Mikayla has been having those lightbulb moments when things are starting to click in History, her least favorite subject.  We have yet to get to our salt map or our pyramid replica, but it is on my list of things to accomplish in week 3.  Montana is speeding along in her phonics studies.  She recited the complete Vowel Poem, from the Ordinary Parents guide to Reading.  I am thinking of skipping ahead a bit and just reviewing the consonant sounds.  She sounded out and wrote "C-a-t" and drew a picture all by herself while I was working with one of the other girls.  It is like night and day with McKenzie and her communication now that she has her ear tubes in!  She is talking in sentences and trying new words each and every day, Amazing what a little tube can do.

The Lt. worked very hard preceeding the hurricane to get his Helo's out of the area.  For two straight days last week he did not get home until after 9P.M. and then had to turn around and leave in the morning at 530A.M.  Because of the Hurricane his conversion package was delayed in getting back to him and we had to make a mad scramble to get it postmarked and overnighted before September 1st.  With God's provision we made the deadline and should know whether he will convert sometime later this year.  The conversion will provide greater growth and job opportunities for him.

Next week we start at our new gymnastics gym and we are all excited for what's to come.  I am linking this post up to the Weekly Wrap Up over at Weird Unsocialized Homescholer, head on over and check out how others weeks went.
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