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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rosters out

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Remember back in mid-March when I posted that Madison & Mikayla made the level 4 gymnastics State Meet? Well, it’s finally coming up…well almost, only 5 more practices!!!  They have been hard at work perfecting their routines and getting things down pact.  hurricane meet 2611 031
The roster was released today and wouldn’t you know it the girls are on different days and sessions.  I knew they would be different sessions because of age, but I was secretly hoping we would be grouped on the same day at least.  Well, it’s not the case so I better start preparing myself for the 3 1/2 hour drive.  I am on my own that weekend too because the Lt. will be out of town.  
hurricane meet 2611 033
The girls are looking forward to staying in a hotel for 2 days and all that the trip entails.  I am praying that McKenzie’s molars will make their appearance soon, very soon, so at least she will be comfortable. I would hate to miss either Madison or Mikayla compete because of a screaming fit.
This is both of their first year as level 4’s and as it stands Madison is competing in the 10-SR1 group with 25 other girls, and Mikayla is in 8-JR2 group with 23 other girls.  Wowzers! It will be tough competition for both but especially for Madison because most of the gyms around here hold back their girls so they can be spot on when they compete.hurricane meet 2611 022A
We will be happy and excited no matter what, what an accomplishment to make it to State.
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