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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candy Day recap~ full of pictures

Candy Day 2010 013hunt club farm pumpkins 106

hunt club farm pumpkins 051

My blessings

hunt club farm pumpkins 115

hunt club farm pumpkins 020

hunt club farm pumpkins 095

 Candy Day 2010 A

Candy Day 2010 B 

Candy Day 2010 C

McKenzie’s Princess Pumpkin

apple fest jet pics 005   Candy Day 2010 032

                 black cat                                           bedtime bear

Candy Day 2010 044 Candy Day 2010 048

              Queen Nefertiti                               50’s poodle skirt  girl

 Candy Day 2010 049 T-Bone  & 1 103010

              Snow White                                           T-Bone  & I

Candy Day 2010 055

Candy Day 2010 060

The haul

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