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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Marie's 1st hair cut

Today was the day for Marie's hair cut. Our day started very early (6 A.M.)with me relaxing, washing, blow drying her hair in prepartion for the big cut. Marie has very fine,curly hair. The finest of all the girls so far (we shall see if McKenzie has hair like Marie's or one of her other sisters). She was very excited to get a cut, as I was not allowed to get my hair cut until I was 16 years old. But she needed to get those dead ends off her hair that were weighing it down. The hairdresser was really nice. This was the first time we had used this particular lady as the lady that cuts my hair was booked solid through June. I told her we wanted a dry cut in a bob style with no layers. You should have seen the style Marie wanted, something like this without the bangs. However, I like simple, classic styles...I know I need to let her embrace her creativity and fashion sense, but not with her hair, not at 12 years old, right? Maybe when she is older, and out in college, and/or married, she can cut, style, dye her hair any way she would like, but for now, it is a simple, classic bob, you can't go wrong with that.




Waiting sisters:
Madison, Mikayla, & Montana getting in on the photo action. Montana made it known that she had to get her nails and toes polished, because she wanted it. That's her new thing, she WANTS things, or the world melts for her. Keep on melting baby because you can't have everything you want. Slowly but surely she is learning this life lesson.


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