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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for Santa

Today was the big day to see the "Big Guy" in the red suit. Cadie has been talking about going to see Santa for about a week. We finally made it out late this afternoon. We went to a place called Santa's Den here in town. Mike had seen the signs when he was out the day before at the post office. We usually go to the mall on Christmas Eve, but because of our adverse weather conditions we decided to stick closer to home. Did I mention it is supposed to snow AGAIN tonight and tomorrow :-) When we arrived at Santa's Den it was packed. I waited in line and paid for our picture package only to find out we were number 69, and they were only on number 44. So, we patiently waited to see Santa for 3 hours! He did poke his head out of the enclosed room he was in and waved at the kids as they eagerly awaited their turns. Cadie was excited when it was our turn and hurriedly walked into the room and gave Santa a big wave and the Caffey Grin. All the girls took their turns on the "Big Guys" lap, and told him what they would like: Raven-Limited too clothes; Saige- ATM piggy bank; Trinity- a new American Doll; Cadie- a red leo ( gymnastics leotard). Enjoy the pictures!


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